Photo Albums

Music Notes artists love to perform at schools and events.  Scroll through the albums below to see pictures from some of our past performances.

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2014-04-12 - United For Success and Roots International Academies
For the second year in a row, we visited the Oakland Unified School District, this time to perform for United For Success and Roots International Academies.
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2013-02-21 - Stevenson Middle School
You know it's a good show when students attend the first show then ask for a pass to come to the next show. When students want MORE math in their school day, something special is going on. That was the case at Stevenson Middle School in Los Angeles, California.
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2013-02-06 - Claughton Middle School
We're always thankful for the opportunity to travel while inspiring students. This trip to Claughton Middle School gave the Music Notes team the opportunity to travel to Houston, Texas.
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2013-02-02 - Greater San Diego Math Council Conference
The 2012 Music Notes performance at the Greater San Diego Math Council's Conference was such a hit that we were invited to come back in to perform in 2013, this time for two concerts.
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2013-01-17 - Alta Loma and Vineyard Junior High
1 day, 2 schools, 4 concerts? No problem for the Music Notes team as they headed out to Alta Loma and Vineyard Junior High Schools in Alta Loma, California.
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2012-02-03-04 - Greater San Diego Math Council Conference
Beautiful San Diego welcomed Music Notes as a special performance during the Greater San Diego Math Council’s Annual Conference. The high school volunteers from Patrick Henry High School really helped to get the crowd into it!
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2012-01-18 - Westside Global Awareness Magnet Math Night
The students at Westside Global Awareness Magnet knew almost all of Mr. Q-U-E and Mr. D’s songs, thanks to their teachers who show the videos in class regularly. The Music Notes performance was a great way to close out their math night.
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2011-12-02-03 - CMC North
Music Notes took part in the California Math Council’s North Conference as a vendor in the exhibit hall and as the opening for Key Press Curriculum’s high energy, action packed Ignite! event. Condense a 45 minute show into 7 minutes? No problem for Mr. Q-U-E and Mr. D!
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2010-12-13-14 - Ferrell Middle School
The students at Ferrell Middle School were so much fun that we decided to include them and their school in two of our videos. Check out the “Get an Education” and “Solving Equations” videos on Mr. Q-U-E’s 2nd Period DVD.
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2010-12-10 - ICEF Vista
The students at ICEF Vista really enjoyed the show, so much so that they didn’t want to let Mr. Q-U-E and Mr. D leave. You can see pictures from the impromptu question and answer session in the album below. Too bad we didn’t snap pictures of the impromptu foot race between Mr. D and some of the students!
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2010-11-05 - Leapwood Elementary
We enjoy every opportunity we have to visit schools, but our performance at Leapwood Elementary was a special one because Mr. Q-U-E’s sons attend Leapwood! They enjoyed the show along with all of the other students in attendance.
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2010-10-10 - Windsor Hills Academy
Windsor Hills Academy invited us to open up their Back to School Night. The parents in attendance enjoyed this addition to the program and they had a great time.
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2010-10 - Randy's Family Picnic
Music Notes artists were invited to be a part of a great event for the kids that are a part of the Randal D. Simmons Outreach Foundation. SWAT Officer Randal Simmons lost his life in the line of duty, but his legacy lives on through his foundation and the annual Randy’s Family Picnic, which included entertainment from Music Notes this year.
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2010-09-18 - Back to School Jam
Music Notes hosted our 1st ever Back to School Jam at Horace Mann Middle School. This event marked the debut of Mr. D as he took the stage for the first time for the families and teachers in attendance. It also marked the release of Mr. Q-U-E’s 2nd Period album, which Mr. Q-U-E celebrated by performing songs from his new album with a live band. Music Notes also used the event to give away Back to School Packs to lucky students in attendance.
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2010-07-15 - Carson Awards Ceremony
Mr. Q-U-E was honored by the City Council of his hometown, Carson, California for his work with students in the community. In attendance were the Carson City Council members as well as Carson Mayor Jim Dear.
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2009-05 - New York Trip
Mr. Q-U-E was recognized as an outstanding math teacher by Viacom as part of their Get Schooled Contest. He had the honor of visiting New York City and taking part in the opening bell ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange. While in New York, Mr. Q-U-E also shot his “Percents” video from the 2nd Period album.
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2009-05-27 - ICEF Vista
Mr. Q-U-E’s first visit to ICEF Vista was such a success that students clamored for autographs at the end of the performance.
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2009-03-20 - Hollenbeck Middle School
Mr. Q-U-E took part in the Day of Service at Hollenbeck Middle School, where an outdoor stage awaited the best math concert the community of Hollenbeck has ever seen!
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2008 - Horace Mann Middle School
This was Mr. Q-U-E's first ever concert. Thanks to teacher Olga Maye and the students at Horace Mann Middle School, Mr. Q-U-E discovered his love for performing live for students.
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