For years, Mr. Q‑U‑E was known as the Math Man, but now he’s ready to teach English with a little help from Ms. Co. His Grammar album is sure to help students learn the foundations of English grammar.

Track List

  1. Parts of Speech
  2. Nouns
  3. Types of Sentences feat. Ms. Co
  4. Capitalization feat. Ms. Co
  5. Commas
  6. Subject-Verb Agreement
  7. Run-on Sentences feat. Ms. Co
  8. Modifiers feat. Ms. Co
  9. Conjunctions feat. Ms. Co
  10. Cool Kid
Grades 3-9
English Music
Workbook Coming Soon

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“Let’s talk about collective nouns for a second.

They name a group of people. Any group of people.”

 —Mr. Q-U-E, “Nouns”

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