Our Back To Basics – Elementary Math CD is the album 4th grade teachers have been waiting for! This album is also perfect for middle school students that need a refresher on the basics.

Track List

  1. Comparing Fractions (CCSS 4.NF 2)
  2. Place Value (CCSS 3.NBT 2)
  3. Rounding (CCSS 3.NBT1)
  4. Equivalent Fractions (CCSS 4.NF1)
  5. Basic Measurement (CCSS 4.MD1)
  6. Math Reasoning (CCSS 3.OA8)
  7. Word Problems
  8. Multi-Digit Multiplication (CCSS 4.NBT5)
  9. Factors and Multiples (CCSS 4.OA4)
  10. Success
Grades 4-5
Math Music
Workbook Coming Soon

Watch our music video samples, then get the album below!

“First read the problem then underline the question.

Can’t solve the problem if you don’t know the question.”

 —Mr. D & Mr. Q-U-E, “Word Problems”

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