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7’s Multiplication Song (Music Video)

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Most teachers agree that students struggle the most with two multiplications facts in particular. One of them happens to be the 7’s. The 7’s song is one of the best videos on our Multiplication DVD. The students and colorful lights in the video bring life and excitement to the screen. People of all ages are engaged by this multiplication song and video and anyone is sure to learn their 7’s after watching this!

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Improper Fractions – Math Song

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This has one to be one of my favorite videos. I was able to get both of my “mini me’s” to star in the video with me. As a teacher and parent it’s important to share the passion you put into the work with your students with your own children. Teaching is not my job it’s my lifestyle. It doesn’t end when the bell rings that’s for sure!

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Photo Albums Are Here!

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If you’ve never been to a math concert, you don’t know what you’re missing. Since 2009, Music Notes artists have performed at schools and events across the country. To date,  over 15,000 students, teachers, and parents have seen firsthand how exciting and motivating a Music Notes concert is. Today, we’re happy to share pictures from some of these concerts on our website. Take a look here.  If you’re interested in scheduling a Music Notes performance for your school or event, contact us.

Greater San Diego Math Council Conference

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Thank you to the GSDMC for inviting Music Notes artists to perform at your annual conference.  The lunchtime show as a big hit with the teachers and students in attendance.  In fact, this was our first encore performance!  Mr. Q-U-E and Mr. D would like to send out a special thank you to the student volunteers from Patrick Henry High School.  Your enthusiasm really made the show a success!  We hope to visit your school sometime soon.

For more information on the Greater San Diego Math Council, visit

Single Video Rentals Are Here!

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One of the most common questions we get from teachers is, “Can I purchase one video instead of an entire DVD?”  Music Notes is happy to announce that we now offer rentals for individual videos.  Thanks to services offered by, our music videos are now available to rent for 360 days.  For only $2.99, you can rent a video and watch/show it anywhere that you have an internet connection.  Visit the album pages under the “Our Music” tab and you’ll find links to the videos that we have available.  As of today, videos for “2nd Period” and “Deometry” are available, with videos from Mind of a Mathman scheduled to be made available next week.  Let us know what you think about this new service!

CMC South Update

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Music Notes made a big splash at the California Math Council’s Southern California conference last weekend. The booth was packed all weekend and our show at the Friday Night Social was a hit. We’re looking for to new month’s CMC North Conference.

While in Palm Springs, we had the chance to meet a number of educators working to put their own stamp on education. The first was Anthony from Teacherwear. You’ve probably seen one of his pro-education shirts on teachers you know, but you can check out the full Teacherwear line-up at

We also met the terrific group of educators that have put together Singin’ & Signin’. Like Music Notes, Ken, Seigrid, and Steven have worked to come up with an innovative way to use music in the classroom. Stop by to learn more about their innovative technique for teaching elementary school students.

California Math Council South Conference

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Music Notes is pleased to be performing at the California Math Council South Conference in Palm Springs, California on November 4th, 2011.  Mr. Q-U-E and Mr. D will present songs and videos during the Friday night social sponsored by Math For America.  This event will also serve as the official release of our new Multiplication album as well as the 2nd Period and Deometry DVDs.

The California Math Council is compromised of educators who are committed to improving mathematics learning in the private and public classrooms throughout California, North America and the world.  All of the work of the Council, with one exception, is done by volunteers. These pre-K to 12 classroom teachers, retired teachers, principals, parents, district superintendents, authors, project managers, college professors, students, and others devote tirelessly of themselves to bring you their fall conferences, quarterly ComMuniCator, teacher and student awards and activities, and updates on events in Sacramento and Washington which effect the mathematics classroom.

If you are interested in learning more about CMC or possibly attending the conference, visit

Aunt Sally Shirts Are Here

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For the first time, Mr. Q-U-E is not embarrassed to see Aunt Sally everywhere he goes.  Check out the new Aunt Sally shirts.  They’re sure to help you remember the order of operations and the custom design by Jacqueline Quon of is sure to have you looking stylish in and out of the classroom.  Get your’s today!

Welcome to the new Music Notes Online

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Welcome to the new! We’re excited to celebrate the start of a new school year with a newly redesigned website and new features that we know you will enjoy.

Some of the recent changes include a brand new online store that is easier to navigate and purchase our music, complete track listings for our albums so you can see what school topics are covered, downloadable lyrics for all of our songs, links to recent press coverage of Music Notes, and this blog in which you can keep up-to-date on Music Notes happenings as well as watch video messages from our artists. Feel free to explore the site and send your comments and feedback to