A’s On My Paper – Motivational Song (Music Video)

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About 60% of teachers say motivation, or lack thereof, is the biggest problem they notice in their students. Research proves that music has powerful effects on the brain and can drive students’ emotions. Using motivational songs in the classroom can lower students’ affective filter and allow you to drive them to the land of academic success.

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7’s Multiplication Song (Music Video)

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Most teachers agree that students struggle the most with two multiplications facts in particular. One of them happens to be the 7’s. The 7’s song is one of the best videos on our Multiplication DVD. The students and colorful lights in the video bring life and excitement to the screen. People of all ages are engaged by this multiplication song and video and anyone is sure to learn their 7’s after watching this!

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Area of a Triangle – Math Song (Music Video)

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The area of any given triangle equals one half of the base time the height of that triangle or a=1/2bh. This is such an easy formula to remember and students usually do a great job of saying the formula but students seem to forget that they have to divide by two in order to complete the arithmetic. It’s important that students remember that multiplying by a half is the same as dividing by two. Mr. D clearly explains this in his song “Area of a Triangle.”

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Rate – Math Song (Music Video)

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There aren’t too many things in life that are more engaging than a puppet. Hey just look at the infinite success of Kermit the frog! I’ve used puppets in my teaching since my days as a student teacher and things didn’t change just because I started teaching middle school. I like to use at least one puppet video for every math DVD that I do. This math song teaches students how to calculate unit rate with some really cool puppets that are sure to engaged students of any age.

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Improper Fractions – Math Song

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This has one to be one of my favorite videos. I was able to get both of my “mini me’s” to star in the video with me. As a teacher and parent it’s important to share the passion you put into the work with your students with your own children. Teaching is not my job it’s my lifestyle. It doesn’t end when the bell rings that’s for sure!

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Time Song

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If you had to guess, what percentage of k-12 students would you say cannot tell time on an analog clock? I’m not exactly sure what the number is, but I know more of my middle school students could not read a traditional clock than students that could. Yes, digital clocks are everywhere, but that does not mean students should not learn the skill of reading an analog clock? Check out  this time song and see the power of using educational music to teach academic skills.


I Know My 12’s – Multiplication Song

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Mr. D and Mr. Q-U-E team up to teach students how to multiply by 12. This song is amazing and the video is even better! We love this video because it was shot at our annual “Back To School Jam” benefit concert. As you will see in the video, students, teachers, and parents all enjoy Music Notes’ concerts. We had a great time shooting this video and really enjoy teaching our youth with great math songs!

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Shapes – Math Song (Music Video)

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Shapes are some of the first things we learn in our early stages of academic development. We see shapes everywhere in life and they come in lots of different sizes. Shapes are so much fun for students to learn about and play with, so Mr. Q-U-E wanted to make sure that this song was up tempo and full of energy. Check out this fun math song and video by clicking the link.


Circles Math Song – (Music Video)

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How do you find the area of a circle? How do you find the circumference of a circle? What is the diameter of a circle? What is the radius of a circle? These are all questions that come up when learning about circles in a middle school math class. If you are looking for a fun way to get students to remember the formulas associated with circles then check out this math song and video.

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