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Music Notes – Polynomial Math Rap (Music Video)

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There are students all around the world that are intimidated by math. Especially when the problems appear to be long and ambiguous. For algebra students polynomial problems create fear and anxiety way too often. They are long. They contain variables, exponents, and require application of various math concepts. We as teachers need to break down the barriers that exist among our students before we can start teaching. This song/video about polynomials connects with students at a level they can understand. In the video students see examples of how to deal with peer pressure, have integrity when taking a test, and most importantly how to solve addition and subtraction polynomial problems!

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Music Notes – Pythagorean Theorem Math Rap (Music Video)

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A squared plus b squared equals c squared never sounded so cool. Thank you Mr. D for putting your special touch on Pythagoras’ formula. Students will never forget this formula after they listen to this math song. Mr. D also does a great job explaining how to how to apply basic math skills while solving for the sides of a right triangle. Check out a clip of the song here.

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Music Notes – Solving Equations Math Rap (Music Video)

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Shooting a one take video in Tampa, Florida before you get on stage to perform sounds good in theory until you get on stage and realized you used all of your wind performing the song on the way to the stage! In spite of the torture I put my body through I had a great time shooting the video and interacting with the students at Ferrell Middle School. The best part of the experience was seeing students cry during some quick classroom visits. This was one of the best times as an educator and motivator.

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