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Rate – Math Song (Music Video)

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There aren’t too many things in life that are more engaging than a puppet. Hey just look at the infinite success of Kermit the frog! I’ve used puppets in my teaching since my days as a student teacher and things didn’t change just because I started teaching middle school. I like to use at least one puppet video for every math DVD that I do. This math song teaches students how to calculate unit rate with some really cool puppets that are sure to engaged students of any age.

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Improper Fractions – Math Song

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This has one to be one of my favorite videos. I was able to get both of my “mini me’s” to star in the video with me. As a teacher and parent it’s important to share the passion you put into the work with your students with your own children. Teaching is not my job it’s my lifestyle. It doesn’t end when the bell rings that’s for sure!

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Quadratic Formula – Math Song (Music Video)

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Everyone has a first love. Mine was graphing lines until I learned about quadratics. Call me crazy, but I just love a graph with curves! Ok ok jokes over, but I really do enjoy graphing quadratics a lot more than linear equations. Maybe it’s just the quirky teacher in me. After I wrote the “Quadratic Formulove” math song my students began to fall in love with the process almost as much as me. I also got a few of my 8th grade algebra students to join in on this fun math music video. I just love brainwashing students into loving math!

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Graph a Line – Math Rap (Music Video)

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I’ve have a great opportunity to give back to the community where I was raised. I’m blessed because one of the most fulfilling performances I’ve done was captured on film and turned into a video. This video titled, Graph A Line helps students remember the concepts of ordered pairs and to remember the defined method to graph a line.

My hometown Carson, California hosts a teen summit every year and I had the honor of speaking and performing at this event. Today students and parents around the neighborhood still stop me and tell me how much they are motivated by my math songs or how much the songs help their children. What a great feeling!

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Slope Intercept – Math Rap (Music Video)

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The song that started it all! This is the concept I was teaching when my students started begging me to rap for them. “This is boring!” “Can you rap for us?” “You look like Kanye West!” These were the cries of my students for weeks before I agreed to give math rap a try. I’m so thankful for this experience because now I’m able to reach students in ways I never imagined.

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Fractions – Math Rap (Music Video)

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Fractions! This is one of the most feared words in the history of math. If I had to guess I would say that 8 people out of 10 people will say that they don’t like fractions, they don’t understand fractions, or they are not good at fractions. For these reasons I took a conceptual approach to this song. This song was written during my toughest year of teaching and worked miracles for me during my unit on fractions. Check out this clip and I hope you all enjoy!

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